How To Choose a Good Education Consultant To Study Abroad?

Most of students who are keen to go abroad are often worried about choosing the right Overseas Education Consultants for themselves. Overseas education consultant plays a significant role starting from:Deciding about the Country, University or CollegeThey assist students in making Educational decisions i.e. by discussing the entire pro and corns of available options. This includes helping find the University or college placement that is good fit for students.All know that every student cannot go to Howard or Cambridge university, if student wants to study Medicine he/she could go and study in China, Russia, Ukraine,Bulgaria or Guyana etc.; if student purpose is just to obtain PR and want to study any sought of diploma i.e. Diploma in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Business Management etc. relevant with their earlier experience and study, he/she could go for their Study in New Zealand, Study in UK etc. Similarly if the student wants to attain academic excellence, the best option would be to Study in USA.Arranging the admissionOnce the study Consultants zero in the Country, University/College and Course for the applicant, the foremost responsibility of the consultant is to help applicant in completing the admission formalities, highlight the areas essential for a well-presentation. Follow up with the chosen university/college to ensure a positive and quick response. Send recommendations, highlighting the student’s strengths and reasons as to why he/she should be granted admission.Financial requirements for the studiesStudy Consultants even enlightens and guides the student for the finances required and also facilitate the student to arrange all the financial documents in time and in the required format depending upon their period of stay to study abroad.Here it becomes essential to choose an effective study Consultants and adopt a backward time management methodology. A well-planned methodology must be executed by student to save time and money.An experienced study Consultants can save both and can send you for your desired course on time.Guiding the student in obtaining student visaThereafter Study Consultants assist the applicant to prepare the Visa application, guide students for financial statements and help to prepare the file to meet the requirements of Embassies and to ensure visa successFee transferWhen the Visa of applicant is approved, Study Consultants supports the applicant to transfer his/her fees through an appropriate means from trusted financial institution.Arranging relevant accommodation as per the students budgetIn case if the applicant is in a need for accommodation, Study Consultants arranges an accommodation matching as per the suitability of the applicant needs and budget.Airport Pick up of the studentNevertheless Education Consultants ensures that applicant is safely picked up from the airport and is relocated to his/her accommodation premises of the country.Travel ArrangementsIn addition, Education Consultants provides assistance with travel arrangements such as foreign currency, insurance, bank account in foreign country, mobile phone service in foreign country etc.For finding out an effective and efficient overseas education consultants, student needs the see the following:Here the applicant must look in to the below aspects carefully while they search for a good Education Consultants. The below aspects marks the end-to end services given by the Education Consultants and suggestions to find out an effective and efficient Education Consultants to ensure better future and better life ahead.Option of countries given by a consultantTo determine if the country option given by your Education Consultants is right for you, check if the qualification offered is internationally recognized, job prospects in that country are bright after completing the course and does the living expense and living style matches your suitability. The clarity could be obtained by comparing two to three suitable country options.Previous experience and history of success with an education consultantCheck as to since how many years that Education Consultants has been into practice for recruiting students overseas and what is the success ratio of the visa it has attained. You can ask your Education Consultants to show you the some copy of previous visas, offer letters, sample visa file etc. A good Education Consultants always maintains and keeps the records of their earlier applicants.Has a breadth of contacts in the education industryEstablish as to how many prominent contacts your Education Consultants have, relevant to overseas education i.e. contacts with the International Officers, counselors, Visa Officers etc.Been recommended by old studentsIt becomes easy to believe and obvious to select an Education Consultants if it has been recommended by any of the old student, who may or may not be your friend. This source is often reliable and the advice given is truly genuine. Try to get in touch with some of old students enrolled in the same college of the same country, to verify the suitability of the option chosen. Ask your Education Consultants if they can provide you with some of the previous references of the students.Previous history of a university or the college being recommended by the consultantTo know about the previous history of a university or the college being recommended by your Education Consultants, study the website of that University or college thoroughly. Studying previous history of the college and the University helps in knowing the years of its existence and background. The more the years of its existence and the clear its background, the relevant is your choice of university.Additional incentives like scholarship, sports options and offered by the universities recommended by the consultant.A good Education Consultants not just seeks good University, College or course for the student but in addition offers eminent incentives such as availing scholarships if academics of the applicant are good, seeking assistance from college to provide jobs placement to the student and encourage student to participate in the sports activities of his/her excellence by availing Sport scholarship, if available in that particular college or university. Some Education Consultants even provides free Laptops, SIM cards etc. to the students, seeking it as advantage from college/University.

Essential Bookmarks – Finding Educational Resources on the Web

Finding educational resources on the web is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Whether you are a teacher or a student looking, you will find a ton of resources on the Internet, most of them free of charge. Every subject you can imagine is explored in depth on the web. Just be sure to credit your sources properly if you use them in a research paper or a lesson plan and always double check your source to make sure it’s reliable.Below, you will find a compilation of links that are compilations of more links, all educational, all offering resources for students, teachers, and kids. Enjoy!Weasel World Education Index – A host of links provided for over 30 different subjects. Resources for Educational Excellence – Offers links to great curriculum, homework sheets, and lessons on a variety of subjects. Education Resources on the Internet – Offers links to those interested in the field of special education, separated into more than 25 categories. Resources for Music Educators – Choral teachers, classroom music teachers, orchestra teachers and more. A list of links divided up by musical focus. Updated frequently.
[]Microsoft in Education – This is Microsoft’s page of links to technological tools, programs, and solutions to educational challenges for both students and teachers. Education Enterprise – This is NASA’s page of links for its Education Program with tons of activities for all levels education. EnviroLink Network – This is a compilation of thousands of online environmental resources divided up by environmental topic. Educator’s Reference Desk – More than 2000 lesson plans, 3000 links to online education information, and 200 question responses for the education community from the Information Institute of Syracuse. Index – An index of links to the best online education-related sites sorted by subject and life stage of the student. Search for educational information and links in over 50 categories. Learning Network – Resources for home and school divided by age group. Sections for teachers and parents. Education – This is the education website for the Smithsonian Institution with educational resources for educators, families, and students that include lesson plans, field trips, and interactive activities. – A bibliographic database with over 1.1 million education topic citations dating back to 1966. There are more than 100,000 documents that can be downloaded for free by anyone. Educational Resources – This site has a huge collection of documentaries focused on cross-cultural understanding. Search by title, subject, or geography. Geographic Education Subject Guides – For teachers, kids, and students. Find lesson plans, maps and geography, photography, news, adventure and exploration, history and culture and more. Education’s Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – This is a categorized list of sites for teaching and learning to enhance curriculum.

Uniform Education an Education Revolution in Tamil Nadu

Education can act as a powerful tool for reducing poverty and unemployment and achieving a sustained human development. When we compared our country education with other developed/developing country, the education in our country is not suitable to the current situation/practical life. All over the world governments are strictly follow the procedure of generating libraries along with schools, colleges etc. because the emperor Napoleon said the “Build up libraries otherwise we would build up prisons”.Generally in all the countries are understand the importance of higher education. In 1980s American president Ronald Regan take several steps to improve the higher educations. In a survey, among the 10 world’s best universities, 9 universities are situated in America. Most of the countries are including the basic education as a human right. In our India itself the education quality in corporation schools and private institutions are having huge differences. For instance the education system in institutions like IIM, IIT is differing from other institution. IIM an IIT institutes students are having more future benefits like employment, salary etc. rather than the other institutes. The syllabus difference between Tamilnadu and Kerala. We can give much more examples to prove in equality in our education system.According to human resource development department report in our India only 77% of the students pursuing their higher secondary studies. In which 61.6% of the students stop their studies in between of higher secondary. The total no. of schools, colleges is increased slightly when compared to previous years but the education quality is down fall. Even though the students well educated they can’t able to get a job because of non practical syllabus in many education institutions. It is the right time to introduce the “education revolution” through uniform education.Uniform education:In current situation only the richest students are able to get quality education in metric and private schools. The government of Tamil Nadu going to introduce uniform education system in eliminates the in equality in education. In 1960’s Gothari commission insist government of India to introduce uniform education in every states and also the committee stressed to increased the allocation of finance to the education with that committee’s recommendations the government of India introduced “Sharva Shiksha Abiyan”. But the result is not up to the level. The Government of Tamilnadu comes forward to introduce the uniform education with the recommendation of Muthu kumaran committee. Uniform education will reduce the burden of the school children through reducing the no. of books and notes and also. It will make pull stop to the indirect collection of amount from the children by way of using text books. It is the good thing in one side but in other side the quality of government school not up to the mark of private schools.Uniform education’s other important content is crating or building near by schools to children’s. But the government of Tamil Nadu doesn’t give any matters regarding the nearest school systems. The Government of Tamil Nadu also failed to include the medium of instructions as Tamil. Because Mr.Muthukumaran committee strongly stressed about providing of education in the mother tongue. The education minister also failed to include the very important content of uniform education is appointing sufficient no. of teachers to each children in the Government Schools.Recommendation:From the point of view of us and also from the point of view of experts, we wished to suggest. Some recommendation and we expect something from the Tamil Nadu education minister to develop the rural children education rate.1. The Government must develop the infrastructure facilities. The Government schools are not having enough infrastructure facilities like in private schools.2. It most of the rural schools the teacher student ration in too low (5 classes: 2 teachers). Merely introducing common syllabus we can’t expect uniform education development in all schools. The state Government should came forward to allocate more finance to the education development.3. Most of the politicians like PMK leader Ramadoss expect the State Government should come forward to provide LKG & UKG education to all the rural students. Because, all the urban area students are going in the Ist standard after completing these courses. But most of the rural students are joined with out these courses. So far four committee are arranged to analyze Indians education position. All these committees are recommends one thing severally that is “nearby schools with mother tongue common schools”.4.A childe should get its education with out going long distance. For that Government should construct more no. of schools in rural areas. So for the Government didn’t explained about the nearby schools construction.5. Government school teachers are getting more salary than the private school teachers. But the pass percentage is too lower than the private schools. Government didn’t give more attention to praise the teachers and also punishing then when they are mislead.6. Every year Chennai Municipality receives Rs. 70 crores as education tax. As per I April 2009 situation the idle amount is Rs. 120 crores with his amount the Chennai municipality can improve the 250 corporate schools to star category. Government should concentrate on spending collected amount towards school education development.7. Even though the Government schools are giving free lunch, no fees, free uniforms and free text books, still most of middle a low class peoples are interested to get the appoint form the private schools. The Government should give been attention towards this actions it should find the reason.8. Most of the rural students are stopped their education in between (nearly 70% of the students stop their education with in 10th STD) classes. The reason is poverty and also the schools infrastructure education plan, test formation and also job opportunity from the education. The Government should try to change the education system of our state. The every student should be assured with job opportunity.9. According to latest report from 1000 students only 50-60 students are having the capability of getting jobs. It arises due to non job relevance syllabus and also lack of library facilities in our schools. So the Government should increase the library facilities in each & every schools.Conclusion:Uniform education system may create an education revolution in Tamil Nadu and it will scatter over all the states. The Government also will make keen attention towards the education system in our country. We hope the uniform education syllabus will reduce the imbalance between the rural student’s knowledge and urban student’s knowledge. It is the time to create education revolution in our country. We believe our state forward its first foot step to wards education revolution. In uniform education, common syllabus is one of the foot step, still there are many foot steps are inform of us we have to cross them in order to get a quality education and also to provide quality education to our state students. Government may do and God will help them.